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Aga 1:1 Home Visits

Introductory lessons in the home

If you have recently moved house and are faced with an Aga and the unknown and can't wait until Sarah's next visit to Treetops, book a one-hour introductory class in your own home.

Emily will visit you at home, and show you around your Aga; she will explain how the different ovens and plates work, how to retain the heat, how to cook key foods, which trays and racks are worth investing in, which cookery books are worth spending your money on, and how to keep it clean and running efficiently.

Gleaming AgaEmily will leave you with a book of tips and everything that has been discussed during the visit.

The cost of this is £60 within the Berkshire area, different prices apply for areas further away (petrol/mileage costs will incur if you are over 20 miles from Treetops).

Please contact Emily if you would like more information.

Sarah Whitaker Aga Cookery

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For more pictures of our classes, see our Photo Gallery.

"Thank you very much for a truly wonderful day."


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